The Fantastic Book Awards organised by Lancashire School Library Service began in 2005. It aims to encourage and enthuse children aged 9 to 11 to read for pleasure and enjoyment, introducing them to a wide range of recently published children's fiction. There are five winning books selected annually by thousands of children.

The awards are developed in partnership with subscribing schools and are held annually. Participating schools are organised into five groups and receive 6 new titles to read, review and vote on during the autumn and spring terms. The books emerging with the highest voting score in each group wins.  The winning five  authors receive fountain pens and congratulatory letters from the children who have voted them winners.

To discover more visit: Lancashire School Library Service


  1. I'm really happy that my book Wolfie is part of the Fantastic Book Awards this year. I look forward to finding out what children in Lancashire have to say about it (good and bad too - I might get my hard hat ready!) The launch was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many people dedicated to encouraging children to love reading, by finding the books that they enjoy - what a great goal!

  2. I read the abominables and by far Eva Ibbotson is a great author and the abominables was a touching book. Loving this book. Would recommend it to around ages 9 - 12. Any reader should love this book...


  3. Well done to all the children and teachers involved in these amazing awards. The children have chosen their 5 winning titles which will be announced at St Maria Goretti school today.