Group B

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The Grunts in Trouble
Rubbish Town Hero
The Abominables
The Will to Live
White Dolphin


  1. Hi Group B members

    We have just purchased our books and are going to start getting busy reading after the half term break. We will share our views on the books we are reading each week once we get going. We can't wait to get started. Happy reading everyone!
    Middleforth C of E Primary School, Penwortham

  2. When we got the book I was really excited because I wanted to to get really stuck in to it. However when I got it I didn't really enjoy it.I think it would have been better if it got started more qucikly. I thought it was good but I think the next one is going to be a bit better.Over all I did not like it.

  3. Hi Everyone in Group B!
    St Teresa's reading group are enjoying reading the titles and keeping reading journals to write about the titles with reviews, character profiles and lots of interesting information. Now we have found this page we will be adding our thoughts on the titles.

    Happy reading everyone!
    St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Downing Street, Preston

  4. 'The will to live' is the best book so far!!! Personally I liked it because the murder mystery is really good and it creates a lot of suspense.The book is also very good because once you start reading it you can't stop it is so adictive!!!! If you like gory books and murder mysteries this is the the book for you but make sure you don't lose the will to live!

    By Danyal raza

  5. School Library Service Team21 May 2014 at 02:23

    Wolfie has been votes this year's winner for Group B. Congratulations to author Emma Barnes. What fantastic news!